Magnum & Co.

Client Brief, 2019-2020


Design, Content Creation, Photography


Magnum & Co. are one of Australia’s leading brand communications agencies. They produce high quality, innovative work for brands on a mission. I have been lucky enough to be a contractor for them at different times over the past two years. My tasks range from in-house production, deck design, to development, creation & editing of social assets, photography shoots and editing. Below are a few examples of projects I was assigned.



Client Brief via Magnum & Co, 2019


Content Creation


Magnum & Co. worked with Converse in creating Converse_X_ (now Converse All Stars), a global grassroots community of youth moving culture forward. I created a series of Instagram carousel’s announcing which Converse_X_members were attending one of their events in LA.

Cash Rewards


Client Brief via Magnum & Co, 2019


Digital Design & Content Creation


Cash Rewards came to Magnum & Co. in need of social assets, display ads and digital billboards designed for the upcoming festive season. I designed and created a wide range of content that brought to life their colourful message ‘that’s a nice little earner’.

Dead Man's Fingers


Client Brief via Magnum & Co, 2019


Photography & Editing


Dead Man’s Fingers launched in Australia with Magnum & Co. at the end of 2019. I took and edited a range of Summer inspired product photos to be used on social accounts and in advertising for the launch.


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