About Aniko

Aniko Michaelis.jpg
Aniko Michaelis is a Graphic Designer and creative extraordinaire.
She is a passionate, considerate and enthusiastic personality.
Aniko holds a Bachelor of Design and has experience across freelance, in-house and agency positions. She volunteers at Creative Mornings Sydney and is part of The Design Kids family. 
Aniko loves beautiful things, amazing people, and dazzling ideas. 
She is currently looking for job opportunities
(and taking on freelance work in the meantime). 
A bit about Aniko...
  • Has 100, 000+ photos on her phones camera roll
  • Excellent baker (ask for the chocolate cake)
  • Always waves a 'thank you' in traffic
  • Favourite drink is wine
  • Intense goal setter
  • Mega list writer
  • Been to 18 countries - and counting... (most recent trip: Japan & China, most favourite trip: who could choose?!)
  • Always has music on 
  • Loves sport but can't catch a ball
  • Hopeless romantic