Aniko Michaelis is a Graphic Designer and creative extraordinaire. She is a passionate, considerate and enthusiastic personality.
Aniko holds a Bachelor of Design and has experience across freelance, in-house and agency positions .
Aniko loves beautiful things, amazing people, and dazzling ideas. 
She is currently looking for job opportunities
(and taking on freelance work in the meantime). 
A bit about Aniko...
  • Has 100, 000+ photos on her phone's camera roll
  • Excellent baker 
  • LOVES a splash of wine
(current fav: Crittenden Estate's Electric Spaghetti)
  • Intense goal setter
  • Mega list writer
  • Been to 18 countries - and counting
(most recent trip: Japan & China)
  • Always has music on 
  • Loves sport but can't catch a ball
  • Hopeless romantic

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